Hi, my name is Mira Draken, and I write erotic romance!

Now does this introduction remind you of something? Yep, writing erotica seems as bad as alcoholism to some people. Reading them is considered even more sinister.
But gess what?
I donīt mind! In fact, I enjoy writing stuff which reads a bit norty. The reason I enjoy it, of course, is that I love to read it myself. You always do best those things you love.

Which looks like a good motto for erotica writers. Love is in the air -and in our case, between the pages of a good romance novella. I sincerely hope you yearn for love, and you do enjoy my writing. Have fun, feel the passion, identify with the heroine/the hero (depends on your gender, obviously), and enjoy!



P.S.: The excerpts on my site may contain very explicit language and content. If that disturbs you, or if you are under-age, you are well advised not to venture deeper into this site!

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